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Dr. RasnerDr. Steven L. Rasner

Dr. Steven L. Rasner earned his DMD at the University of Pennsylvania. He has pursued extensive CE and earned a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry in 1997. He has completed both the Misch International Implant Institute curriculum and the Pikos Institute continuum. Of the 4500 hours Dr. Rasner has achieved, close to 1,000 have been dedicated to oral surgical sciences.

Dr. Rasner has taught for twenty-three years in 45 American states and 5 countries. He teaches real-world practice management solutions as well as surgical skills that allow the GP to keep more  production in-house. He offers live patient surgical courses at his practice in Vineland, NJ. He has been recognized in Dentistry Today’s Top Clinical Educators list for the past 13 years.

Dr. Rasner has authored three books and published over 50 articles in major American dental journals such as Dental Practice and Finance, Dental Economics, Dentistry Today, and Contemporary Esthetics.

Combining Clinical Skills and Team Skills for Unparalleled Success

Dr. Rasner maps out – in use it on Monday detail – his four-point strategy to reach an extraordinary income while maintaining a reputation as a respected “office to go to” that stands out among the crowd. As a full-time practicing clinician, he lives in your world. He’ll share not just what he’s done right, but what he’s done wrong. After 40 years as a full time practicing clinician, he remains “all in” on the best and only way to maintain an independent fee for service practice that enables you to reach incredible potential.

  • The lights out oral sedation protocol you don’t know: Guaranteed to spark the meteoric road back from the toxic insurance influence
  • Atraumatic Extraction Blueprint - even for clinicians not presently removing teeth
  • The sub-mucosal decadron technique - reducing the need for post-op pain meds
  • The latest Consents and Medical Clearance for
    bulletproof protection
  • The injection technique – that’s right – an injection
    technique that leads to referrals
  • The Fail-Proof Blueprint for the new graduate or the stagnant practice
  • Four simple principles for 90% case acceptance
  • The art of getting paid up front
  • Real world ways to reduce overhead
  • The hidden jewels: the $250,000 that 99% of practices leave on the table each year
  • How to keep staff with you for many years without going broke
  • Why most practices waste marketing dollars chasing the wrong patients.
  • The best case acceptance blueprint in the industry, bar none

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