ACDDA is comprised of three affiliate (local) societies, each with their own executive boards and programs. Affiliate membership is included with ADA/FDA/ACDDA dues.

 The Full Fall Master Affiliate Meeting Schedule is Forthcoming!

Broward County Dental Association

Dr. Michelle Orris, President

Dr. Mikhail Daya Attie, Vice President

Dr. Abelardo Daya Attie , Secretary

Dr. Sergio Jacas, Membership At Large

Palm Beach County Dental Association

Dr. Chris Chafin, President

Dr. Michael Starr, Vice President,

Dr. Michael Costabile, Secretary

Dr. Nicholas Kaleel, Membership At Large

Treasure Coast Dental Association

Dr. Nick Deture, President 

Dr. Sean Tomalty, Vice President

Dr. Bethany Wierzbicki, Secretary 

Dr. Zoey Gutierrez, Membership At Large